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Yesheng Gushu Zi Ya 2021 No.867 Yesheng Gushu Zi Ya 2021 No.867 Yesheng Gushu Zi Ya 2021 No.867 Yesheng Gushu Zi Ya 2021 No.867

Yesheng Gushu Zi Ya 2021 No.867

Ziya, 紫芽 – purple buds from wild old tea trees
joyful tartness, plum with ember
outstanding tea for special occasions

Age of the Tea trees:
300+ years
大雪山 - Da Xue Shan – Great Snow Mountain
Yunnan Province, China

Discover Da Xue Shan - 大雪山 (Big Snowy Mountain) on the map →
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This is a truly exquisite wild sheng puer, from the wild forests of the Great Snowy Mountains (Da Xue Shan). This sheng puer was plucked from wild-grown tea trees (野生, yesheng) that, along with the age of the tea trees contributes to its elated character. Besides, these wild trees are of a special cultivar, which is called Zi Ya (紫芽, purple bud). The taste profile of this cultivar is more fruity, sweeter, and less astringent with an aftertaste, which probably we haven’t got words for.

Teas that are coming from old trees (古树, gushu) tend to be more complex than those that are not. The age of the trees gives the tea an extra layer—we could either call it ‘the message of tea’, or ‘tea energy’ (茶气, chaqi). These teas can help to relax and vitalize at the same time; floating through the body, they help to calm down and focus on the inner self.

A really outstanding tea this is, which deserves the attention. Take time to this, observe the smells, tastes, detect the feelings. Share the joy with friends.

Tasting notes:
Steamed gaiwan: woman perfume, sauna
Tastes, feelings: We found pine resin and pine buds, and plum notes between the tastes. The strong body effects got our attention, we couldn’t even detect the tastes. Calmness, tranquility, relaxation, and awake presence. Really nice tea.

Preparing Instructions:

Quantity: 6-7 grams per 150 ml
Water temperature: 85ºC. From fresh, cold spring water or filtered water
Brewing time: 5-7…seconds
Infusions: 10-12

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